We are a boutique luxury & adventure travel design company.

Sharing our passion for service and adventure, we work with elite travelers to build a collection of once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

"Find what you love to do and serve others through it."

It was this line of advice that became the mantra of our organization and underlying driver which shapes our work in luxury and adventure travel.

We are privileged that our clients give us this honor.


Founded in 2013, EOW Travels is owned and operated by Deborah Miller (who mostly goes by Deb) and a growing team of dedicated travel specialists. Together pairing personalized care with exclusive, worldwide connections we work with our clients both on short-term, quick trips as well as strategic planning with bucket list over time, we custom-craft each itinerary to match individual desires. Our clients can count on exceptional service and luxury benefits through every step of their journey, turning any travel dream into reality.

We are a member of exclusive industry networks and consortia which provide truly unique travel experiences and guarantee values not otherwise available. Our clients enjoy the rewards of membership through complimentary upgrades, shipboard credits, outstanding amenities, and privileged access to special events throughout the world.

These coveted memberships, professional recognitions, and service distinctions provide the peace of mind foundation for all client collaborations and relationships.

What Makes Us Different?

First and foremost, we think our clients are awesome. They make every thing we do worth it. We also genuinely love our work and take special care to manage every detail. If something goes wrong (and, let’s face it, sometimes things do!) we take it very personally and do everything we can to make it right. We don’t believe service ends with booking, but takes on different roles like being an advocate for our clients and taking ownership of issues as well as successes. Our network affiliations and consortia memberships also give us privileged access to hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, and destination specialists across the globe so we can expand our reach, our knowledge, and bring that much more value to our clients’ experiences! We hope these things provide truly personal and unique interactions for our clients as we build relationships and constantly look to grow and better serve each one.

Our Specialties

We plan all kinds of travel – honeymoons, family vacations, individuals, girls’ weekends, guys’ weekends, retreats, cruises, ski trips… but have a particular fondness for itineraries that pull you off the beaten track and are more experiential in nature. Expeditions that take you “away from the things of man” and maybe even push you outside of your comfort zone.

While we love this great, big, beautiful world of ours, we do play favorites at times. Australia, New Zealand, Greenland, Iceland, Antarctica, Canada, Svalbard, Fiji, Alaska… These are among our favorite places that we love to send clients to.

Meet the Team

Deb Miller
Owner, Luxury Travel Designer

A travel addict since before she can remember, Deb unknowingly spent the majority of her life laying a foundation for a career in travel. She has had the opportunity to live all over – from Philadelphia to Alaska to New York City to London and San Francisco. After spending many years in Corporate America wandering the globe, she wanted to find a way to take her love of travel and begin serving others with it. So was born Edge of Wonder Travels Unlimited.

Passionate about authentic, ethical, and green travel, she’s a member and supporter of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) and The International Ecotourism Society (TIES).

These memberships have been especially valuable for her clients, providing the opportunity to partner with the best suppliers in the adventure travel industry and inspire ideas for new places to experience.

Janelle Squires
Luxury Travel Designer

Janelle got her love of travel through her grandfather who, from the time she could remember, had a sense of wonder, life, and love when talking about new experiences gained from places he’d been. She started traveling early on with vacations in the US and abroad to the Caribbean and several countries in Europe. Now with two kids and a husband, she has been able to continue exploring and before one trip ends, she’s already dreaming of the next one. From Europe to South America to the Caribbean…the globe is an adventure and she is ready to explore more. She and her husband often joke that, although they always say, “We must come back,” there are just too many dots on the globe they haven’t been to yet!

It wasn’t until recently she realized that she could share her love of travel and help others reach their dreams too. What a revelation and exciting new venture. She looks forward to helping those who desire to explore whether it’s a relaxing sun filled beach trip, or a whirlwind several city tour – both here in the US or abroad!

Stacy Hills
Luxury Travel Designer

An adventurer at heart, Stacy Hills grew up in the Bay Area and spent much of her childhood on family road trips exploring what California had to offer. It wasn’t until a pivotal trip to Europe as a teenager that turned a curiosity for the world, into a passion and a desire to see what it has to offer. After spending years planning and booking travel for herself, friends and family, she finds herself right where she belongs – in the throes of helping others have unique and exceptional adventures!

A supporter of the Yosemite Conservancy and the World Wildlife Fund, she believes conservation and eco-conscious travel should be at the forefront of any great trip! Susan Sontag said it best, “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”. She looks forward to helping you find your next adventure!