Every trip is a little different, but here’s a pretty standard overview of how we work:

  1. First, we gather initial information so we can assign your trip to a Travel Designer and then they will begin working on an initial itinerary & proposal for your review.
  2. Once you receive this initial proposal, they will look for your feedback on anything you’d like to add, remove, change, or have questions about.¬†They will incorporate your feedback and answer any questions before providing an updated proposal and the process repeats until you’re happy with the itinerary and are ready to move forward with booking!
  3. Booking typically requires a deposit to be submitted to confirm all services and accommodations with final payment due anywhere from 30-90 days prior to departure (depending on the country and policies in place for the services being purchased).

Most everything we do is customized based on each client’s needs (with the exception of any pre-packaged tours or cruises that may be booked), but what this means also is that the local partners we work with price everything as a package. This is so they can leverage their confidential, negotiated contract rates, discounts for bundling services, accommodations, etc.). This is how most professional travel arrangements are priced when not done a la carte – kind of like a private, personalized version of a group packaged tour. This also gives you a better handle on the cost of the trip because your out-of-pocket expenses will then be limited to things like food, tips, and any other extras – nearly everything else will be fully prepaid making it easier for you to budget your trip!