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Bon Voyage, 2018… Bienvenue 2019!

January 1, 2019
- By Edge of Wonder Travels Unlimited

It’s always an honor to be invited into someone else’s story,
and it’s been a privilege to have you be a part of ours!

This is for all those who we’ve had the joy of working with this past year… Anyone who works in a service-related industry role understands the importance of relationship. Even in this digital age, relationship is vital – I might even go so far as to say the digital environment we operate in makes it that much more challenging (and also that much more essential) to build and maintain those relationships.

We have the joy of building relationships with our clients to plan the fun stuff of life… Honeymoons, vacations, getaways, trips of a lifetime, family holidays, weddings… You get the idea. But no matter how enjoyable these events are to plan and execute on, we also recognize and value the trust our clients place us with when they’re willing to share some of their hopes and dreams.

These are also the things that develop relationship.

So on that note, as the whole of 2018 falls into its place in the annals of history, we wanted to take a moment and say “Thank You” to everyone we’ve worked with this past year.

2019, we welcome you in and look forward to seeing what new adventures, celebrations, surprises, and (most of all!) RELATIONSHIPS you  bring our way!

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