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Welcome to Edge of Wonder Travels Unlimited

We are a luxury adventure travel design company building collections of once-in-a-lifetime experiences with our clients – one adventure at a time.

What stories will you tell?

We had an AMAZING time – it was the best trip of our lives!! You guys did an incredible job!! We were soooo happy with how everything worked out!! Thank you again!

Kim & Jacob Wheeler, San Francisco CA, Destination: Southeast Asia

“The sight of the huge world put mad ideas into me, as if I could wander away, wander forever, see strange and beautiful things, one after the other to the world’s end.”


Planning the Perfect Adventure

We get it…
Sometimes bad vacations happen to good people

Planning travel (especially to a new destination) can be risky business. If you’ve ever been on a trip where everything went wrong, you know what we mean!

Our Travel Designers at Edge of Wonder Travels Unlimited, have all been there. We’ve taken risks with our time – some of which have paid off, but the ones that didn’t really can make or break a trip.

40 hours…
That’s the amount of time the average person spends
planning a 2-week vacation

While the Internet can be helpful, it can also be misleading. The options and opinions can certainly overwhelm.

Who wants to sift through the 4,700+ accommodation options that a search of “Hotels in Paris” returns?

Alternatively, you could trust a stranger’s review of their experience to narrow down your choices. Or, go with the hotel your friend stayed in on their trip to Paris a few years ago. Recommendations of your friends and family are certainly a valuable resource, but in an industry that seems to specialize in change, what was a great place last year, may not be the same today. You need to know your information is current, your sources are trustworthy, and safe.

We live and breathe travel. Each year, we travel extensively ourselves to explore new areas, build our industry connections, and then leverage those relationships  around the globe to craft reliable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences so you don’t have to take unnecessary risks with your precious vacation time!

Had an amazing time traveling from Switzerland to Northern Italy. Deb saw to every detail. She selected our hotels with particular care as this was a special, once-in-a-lifetime trip for us. Deb asked just the right questions and worked with us to create an amazing experience. We could not be happier.
Jackie & Pat Carew, Orinda CA, Destination: Europe

How Our Process Works

So…what does working with one of our Travel Designers look like?

Every adventure is different, and every client is unique, but here are the primary layers in our process…with lots of fun details that live in-between.

Once Upon a Time…

This is your adventure, we’re just here to guide you through parts of it.

We’re ready whenever you are!

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“Deb is an AMAZING travel agent. Seriously, you can see her passion for her job and her expertise shine with every single email. She’s extremely professional, answers emails very fast (even on weekends), and was just a joy to work with.

I highly recommend Edge of Wonder Travels and I cannot wait to work with Deb again.”

Cassie C., Destination: Iceland

“When my husband & I decided to go to China, I found Deb’s name on Yelp.  She did an amazing job in a short time of helping to set up a once in a lifetime trip for us.  In addition, she went above and beyond to help us resolve some issues that arose while we were there.  We certainly will look her up next time we go to travel :)”

Angie B., Destination: China

“Deb, you get 7 stars.  Just booked a trip to South Africa and Deb made it completely painless.  Was there every step of the way, superb suggestions, never dropped communication.  At times I thought she was more excited for my trip that I was! Don’t hesitate, this is as good as it gets.”

Brad C., Destination: South Africa

“Deb went out of her way to ensure that our travels was safe and all of the accommodations were in place. Her attention to detail was exceptional and she was there to support us when our connecting flight was cancelled and guided us to another airline. (even though it was way past business hours at 1am). Our experience was wonderful! Highly recommend Edge of Wonder Travels Unlimited.”

TC Chang, Destinations: London, Morocco, Napa

“Wow….just wow. My husband, Neil, and I still can’t stop talking about our beautiful, memorable experience in Peru. We’ve decided that this is one of the best (if not THE best) trip we’ve taken together thus far and it’s primarily thanks to you and the fabulous tour agency you booked us with. We were truly in good hands like you said. Everything was seamless. You’ve made loyal customers out of us and we look forward to using your expert services for our future travels.”

Ana Marie L., Destination: Peru

“Deb Miller was my first travel agent I’ve worked with. She is extremely responsive, like responding to me late at night when I send an email around 10:30 pm. I knew she was our lady when she responded to my initial travel request right away. I had a great conversation with her about where my husband and I wanted to go for our honeymoon. I even sent her a spreadsheet of my wish list. She was extremely professional and realistic about the itinerary, suggested activities and budget. I can definitely see her passion for what she does. We will definitely consider her in the future for our next trip! Thanks Deb!”

Stephanie H., Destination: Portugal