Naturally this depends on the kind of trip you’re designing, but for most holidays over a few days in length, everything is bundled together and priced as a package. This is how most professional travel arrangements internationally are priced (when not done a la carte) which usually results in being able to negotiate much better overall rates behind the scenes.

Cruise pricing is typically inclusive of a lot of things like meals, accommodation on board, port fees, and taxes so the cost just sort of “is what it is”. We’ll always let you know if we’re able to apply other discounts or extra amenities to your reservation, but the pricing is largely preset by the cruise line.

The same is true of small group experiences such as polar safaris or active adventures like biking, kayaking, skiing, or hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu – the cost is set by the tour operator/supplier and inclusive of things like accommodations, some or all meals, guides, transfers, and taxes.

Our trip designs are structured in the same way and typically include all accommodations, transfers, tickets, meals (on occasion), taxes, etc. and therefore are priced as a bundled, custom package so that we can leverage our partners and their confidential, negotiated contracted rates, discounts for bundling services, bulk rates, accommodations, etc. so you’ll know what your trip is going to cost upfront which helps manage the overall budget and you’ll only have to take with you what you intend to spend while traveling on incidentals like extra meals, souvenirs, and gratuities.

You’ll also have the piece of mind while you’re traveling knowing that there are multiple people monitoring all the moving pieces of your itinerary and are there to support you locally when and if you need it!