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Small Ship & Luxury Cruises

If You’ve Been On One Cruise…

I used to think that a cruise was a cruise was a cruise… And then I went on some. Multiple, in fact. Having now experienced all different ways of seeing the world from the water, I understand just how much all cruises are NOT created equal. Or, to put it another way, if you’ve been on one cruise, you have most definitely not been on them all!

I think many Western cultures over time adopted the “bigger is better” mentality with a lot of thing (cars, houses, boats etc.) For example, over the course of a few decades, we migrated from small, 3-bedroom ranch homes (like my friends and I grew up in) to 5,000 square foot suburban mansions across so many parts of America. While cycles tend to emerge, however, in more recent years, I feel there’s been a return to more of a “minimalist” mentalities with the inception of tiny homes and as I am seeing in the industry, more of a focus on investing in experiences. I think that by and large, more people are recognizing that sometimes bigger isn’t always better, and like Sabrina Fairchild said to Harrison Ford’s character, Linus, in the remake of the classic “Sabrina”: “More isn’t always better, Linus. Sometimes it’s just more.”

And, when it comes to cruise ships, I whole-heartedly agree.

This is not to say big cruise lines don’t have their place, and for some they work great! For example, Disney does a great job for parents and kids alike. But, for me personally, I’ve grown up sailing and love to be on the water, and one of the best parts of that experience for me is the intimacy. It’s a feeling that can be lost while being on big cruise ships.

Now after a few years in this amazing industry, I am here to share with you why when I choose to cruise, I default to the stand that “less is more”!

Before You Book…

Luxury Small Ship Cruising Is A Game-Changer

Unlike the big cruise ships, these small operators (some of which are almost more yacht-like) take the concept of “cruising” as you see it on the TV commercials and throw it out the window. They focus on service, a more comprehensive approach to ‘all-inclusive’, and – my favorite part – experience & intimacy.

So, What’s The Difference?

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