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Embrace The Extraordinary With Small Ship Luxury Cruises

Experience truly unique voyages that merge luxury, privacy, and fine dining with exceptional service aboard the world’s best small ship cruises.

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Experience the ultimate in luxury and attention to detail that can only be found on smaller cruise ships
Discover genuine cultural immersion through curated shore excursions
Indulge in intimate, customized experiences ranging from delectable culinary tours to thrilling wildlife encounters

Avoid The Pitfalls Of Large Cruise Ships

Experience a boutique cruise that fuses luxury with adventure and a high guest-to-staff ratio you can’t experience outside of a private yacht.

  • Relish in personal service and a level of attention comparable to a private yacht
  • Discover travel destinations without the limitations of restricted port access you find with larger ships
  • Evade hidden costs with all-inclusive and transparent pricing
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Book An Intimate Small Ship Cruise With Edge Of Wonder Travels Unlimited

Embark on an exquisite journey from renowned small cruise lines like Azamara, Regent, Windstar, Paul Gauguin Cruises, and more. Experience unmatched service at the world’s most enviable ports.
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Set Sail In 3 Simple Steps


Share your travel style and dream adventure aboard a small ship


Collaborate with us to design your luxury cruise experience


Embark on the journey of a lifetime
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Small Ship Cruises With Unmatched Service

Experience a level of service and cultural immersion that typical cruise lines simply can’t provide. Utilizing over two decades of industry experience, we curate exemplary small ship cruises offering unparalleled service and immersive cultural experiences.

What Your Small Ship Voyage Entails

Personalized service that caters to your preferences aboard luxury cruise lines

Exclusive access to exotic itineraries for authentic cultural immersion

Unparalleled access to unique ports for a truly unforgettable journey

Why Design Your Escape With Us?

A totally valid question! Especially with things like tours and cruises. You may even pay the same rate, so what’s the difference?

There are a lot of reasons we could share, but the two biggest ones are below. Ultimately, we’re here to help you experience the world's greatest wonders through unforgettable luxury adventure trips. Our goal is to guide, care for, and protect the valuable time you choose to spend taking your holiday. We are your advocates!

Your Personal Advocate

We're your personal advocate no matter where and when you travel. We can take care of the details from start to finish, book extra pre- or post-cruise/tour arrangements, and ensure that your investment of time and money is spent safely – not only with the places you travel to, but also the companies managing things on the ground. Not to mention making sure everything goes smoothly, jumping in if something doesn’t, and doing everything in our power to turn it around. All of this is just part of our job description!

We're Relaxed Only If You Are

This is one of those values that can sometimes be missed… Having someone on your side, in your corner, and looking out for you – even when you’re not. As travel designers, we work around the clock to make your experience as personalized as it as it is unforgettable. The result? A seamless blend of comfort and extraordinary moments. We tailor each adventure to your desires so that you can spend less time focused on the minutiae of planning, and more time indulging in exploration.

Extra Amenities & Perks

While we can’t guarantee there will always be something extra, it’s rare that we haven’t been able to find an extra amenity, perk, or some little way to “surprise & delight” our clients – be it extra onboard credits, an included shore excursion, private car & driver, or bottle of wine! We always are looking for ways to make your experience something above and beyond… There’s a saying in the industry that you “can’t VIP yourself” and, while that’s true to a degree, we prefer to say that you really “can’t surprise & delight yourself”!

Embark On The Small Ship Luxury Cruise Of A Lifetime

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