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Plan Your Next Luxury Adventure Travel Experience With Edge Of Wonder Travels Unlimited

Discover authentic cultural experiences in exotic destinations, tailored to your unique definition of luxury.

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Experience the depth and diversity of different cultures around the world
Explore pristine natural beauty with game drives and nature treks
Support local communities and embody the “leave no trace” ethos

Leave The Details To Us

  • Say goodbye to stereotyped, mass-marketed travel experiences
  • Minimize your environmental footprint in luxury hotels that prioritize sustainability
  • Experience luxury adventure tailored to you, not just the average person
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What Is Luxury Adventure Travel?

Travel Vaccinations
Travel Vaccinations
Travel Vaccinations
Colorful kayaks sit neatly in a row on the shore of Moraine Lake, Banff National Park in Canada

It’s about immersion, not tourism. It’s about identifying with other cultures, locations, and nature. It’s about sustainability (green travel) and being responsible to the destinations – giving back, paying forward, and always aiming to leave a place better than you found it. It’s also about luxury, but by your definition – so it’s not necessarily about thread count, but what counts. It about collecting stories to tell and moments to remember.

It’s about finding unique ways to immerse yourself in your travel dreams…and more than anything I want to help my clients realize their dreams, experience the world, and “access the extraordinary.”

This type of experiential luxury travel is, at its core, sustainable and green as well as personally luxurious.

“Luxury” Is More About What Counts Than Thread Counts

Luxury generally is thought of as extravagance and high-levels of comfort and pampering. While this certainly is part of what luxury travel encompasses, and if you’re on a luxury adventure trip, creature comforts and the finer things may very well be included in this, there’s a personal aspect to luxury that goes deeper. What’s your definition of luxury? What matters most to you in an experience?

Interested In Learning More?

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Embark On A Personalized Luxury Adventure And Gain Memories You’ll Cherish Forever

Enjoy immersive, exotic, and sustainable travel experiences that redefine luxury to suit your unique preferences and interests.

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Start Your Luxury Adventure Vacations In 3 Steps


Share your travel style and dream adventure

First, we’ll want to get to know you and how you like to travel. Understanding your unique style, tastes, and preferences will be vital to making sure we serve you best.


Design your travel experience with us
Next, we’ll design a travel experience that fully encompasses your vision. We’ll work together to tweak and hone your itinerary until it’s exactly the way you want it to be.


Embark on the journey of a lifetime across the globe
Finally, you’ll be off on your adventure – exploring new horizons, experiencing new cultures, floating by icebergs and keeping a lookout for whales, or just relaxing somewhere far from home. So that you can fully enjoy every unique moment, we’ll still be keeping an eye on the details.
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Reimagine Luxury With Edge Of Wonder Travels Unlimited

Luxury transcends the physical. It’s about cherishing experiences that resonate with you for life. Leverage our expertise to curate journeys that blend luxury with exploration in perfect harmony. Enjoy exclusive perks of luxury adventure travel when you book through us.
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Your Adventure, Your Way

While every trip is unique, here is what’s included in a typical trip design

Customized travel itineraries crafted to your specific requests, vision, and preferences

A dedicated Travel Designer to safeguard your best interests throughout your journey

Comprehensive travel design, typically including accommodations in luxury hotels, transfers, tours/activities, and taxes within the pricing.

Access to on-the-ground support through our curated travel networks

Why Design Your Escape With Us?

A totally valid question! Especially with things like tours and cruises. You may even pay the same rate, so what’s the difference?

There are a lot of reasons we could share, but the two biggest ones are below. Ultimately, we’re here to help you experience the world's greatest wonders through unforgettable luxury adventure trips. Our goal is to guide, care for, and protect the valuable time you choose to spend taking your holiday. We are your advocates!

Your Personal Advocate

We're your personal advocate no matter where and when you travel. We can take care of the details from start to finish, book extra pre- or post-cruise/tour arrangements, and ensure that your investment of time and money is spent safely – not only with the places you travel to, but also the companies managing things on the ground. Not to mention making sure everything goes smoothly, jumping in if something doesn’t, and doing everything in our power to turn it around. All of this is just part of our job description!

We're Relaxed Only If You Are

This is one of those values that can sometimes be missed… Having someone on your side, in your corner, and looking out for you – even when you’re not. As travel designers, we work around the clock to make your experience as personalized as it as it is unforgettable. The result? A seamless blend of comfort and extraordinary moments. We tailor each adventure to your desires so that you can spend less time focused on the minutiae of planning, and more time indulging in exploration.

Extra Amenities & Perks

While we can’t guarantee there will always be something extra, it’s rare that we haven’t been able to find an extra amenity, perk, or some little way to “surprise & delight” our clients – be it extra onboard credits, an included shore excursion, private car & driver, or bottle of wine! We always are looking for ways to make your experience something above and beyond… There’s a saying in the industry that you “can’t VIP yourself” and, while that’s true to a degree, we prefer to say that you really “can’t surprise & delight yourself”!

Start Shaping Your Next Luxury Adventure

Whether you dream about exploring the Maldives, seeing awe-striking Glaciers in December, or discovering the breathtaking views of Kenya, we have you covered. Begin your luxury adventure travel today with Edge of Wonder Travels Unlimited. Let Edge of Wonder Travels Unlimited start planning your luxury adventure today.

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