Luxury Adventure Travel

What Is Luxury Adventure Travel?

It’s about immersion, not tourism. It’s about identifying with other cultures, locations, and nature. It’s about sustainability (green travel) and being responsible to the destinations – giving back, paying forward, and always aiming to leave a place better than you found it. It’s also about luxury, but by your definition – so it’s not necessarily about thread count, but what counts. It about collecting stories to tell and moments to remember.

It’s about finding unique ways to immerse yourself in your travel dreams…and more than anything I want to help my clients realize their dreams, experience the world, and “access the extraordinary.”

This type of travel is, at its core, sustainable and green as well as personally luxurious.

“Luxury” Is More About What Counts Than Thread Counts

Luxury generally is thought of as extravagance and high-levels of comfort and pampering. While this certainly is part of what luxury travel encompasses, and if you’re on a luxury adventure trip, creature comforts and the finer things may very well be included in this, there’s a personal aspect to luxury that goes deeper. What’s your definition of luxury? What matters most to you in an experience?

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