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This is for all you DIY-ers…

We totally get it…sometimes you just want to book things yourself!

Or maybe you don’t have a lot of time and want to see what you can make happen in short order. Or maybe you’d like to do a little recon on taking river cruise. You know, check things out and see what the possibilities might be…

While we can’t give you access to ALL of our behind-the-scenes secrets, we love to let others play in the sandbox as much as we can!

Why search & book through us?

Well, because you never know what additional perks, specials, or other treats might await you through our strong relationships. We love finding ways to surprise and delight our clients! Extra amenities and perks have also been known to make their way into your reservation.


Considered by many to be the gold standard in river cruising, Ama experiences are top of the line!

Not as well known as some who advertise on TV more, but they have a stellar reputation and definitely one of our top go-to’s.


Viking River

Absolutely one of the best river cruise companies out there.

Viking does a great job of creating experiences and memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life!



Uniworld Boutique River Cruises

Uniworld’s approach to river cruising is a little different from their competitors. Their fares tend to have more inclusions and they also offer a separate experience called “U by Uniworld” which caters to a young, active demographic. They also offer great last minute specials and early-booking deals.


Viking Ocean

Viking Ocean Cruises

Just like river cruising, Viking took its reputation for service and excellence and has translated it into ocean cruising…

What’s the difference? Well, think the fjords of Norway vs. the Rhine. Also, the ships are a little bigger when they’re on the high seas (go figure).



Thinking about just getting away for a weekend…or a week? This is the place to start!

If you’re comparing costs, never fear… We can price-match if you find a better deal somewhere else.

Also, we have a guaranteed no-walk policy (if you don’t know what that is, ask us!) And we can often provide amenities and other special treats that you won’t find anywhere else!


Select Hotels

Fancy a little property research? This isn’t an exhaustive list of options, but some of the world’s most distinguished and desirable premium properties. We can give you access to this ultra-luxury program and amenities to craft an authentic, memorable experience.

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