Travel is the largest industry in the world…and also one of the most complicated. There are so many countries, currencies, regulations, and cultural differences out there – not to mention the unquietness of your own adventure!

This all makes it difficult to say exactly what will be included in your trip, but these are the things that are pretty standard across the board:

  • Custom-crafted itinerary based on your specific requests and personal vision.

  • A dedicated Edge of Wonder Travels Unlimited Travel Designer, looking out for you and your best interests at every stage of your journey.

  • Most travel designs include accommodations, transfers, and tours/activities in the pricing.

  • Final delivery of your itinerary outlining all of your travel arrangements, emergency contact information, and any tickets or confirmations.

  • Meals, taxes, and other local charges such as service fees, VAT, etc. may also be included.

  • A destination guide constructed through the personal experiences of over 120 global correspondents who are not only experts on their geographic areas, but also share a passion for creating extraordinary experiences for travelers.

Note that in assisting in the planning and booking of your adventure, we may act as agent/intermediary with our local partners, suppliers, tour companies, hotels, cruise lines, and other professionals in the industry making local accommodation and logistical arrangements for travel services in your itinerary.